Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Build Your House On The Sandy Land

Today the foundation of our house went up. How exciting this is for us. However, at the same time it is scary. We have waited so long to start this process and now that we have actually began I am in awe of God even more.

Waiting. What did we do while we waited for God to open the doors. We worked hard at securing our foundation. The foundation I am talking about is what supports me when the storms come. How do I handle it when God says "NO" or "Just wait a little while more." That answer must always be Jesus.

As I watched the men build the foundation for our house it reminded me of the warning about where we should build our house. Just like the men securing each cement block for our house's foundation I must secure my life with Christ for my spiritual foundation. How do I do this? By spending time in the scriptures. By talking with God. By going to Him before I make any decisions. By giving Him all the glory in my life. Each time that I do one of these things I am cementing my spiritual foundation so when the winds begin to blow and it's dark and I am not sure of whats going to happen next, I know that I will be okay.

The definition of a foundation is a basis (as a tenet, principle, or axiom) upon which something stands or is supported. I must not go to anything or anyone else to support me. Only Jesus.


Grammy and Olivia said...

I'm your first commenter--woo hoo! I love the picture at the top of your blog, very expressive :-)

Mary Ann said...

I just found this blog. How slow am I? It is great I too love the picture at the top!

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